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25 Snapshots and Selfies to Take at Santa’s!

Want to brighten up your social media feed with holiday flair? Visit Santa’s Enchanted Forest for a magical wonderland of lights and festive scenery. The park also has thrilling rides, entertaining shows and delectable dishes just waiting to take center stage in your photos.

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Posted by Santa's Enchanted Forest on Tuesday, December 11, 2018


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Here are 25 of our favorite scenes around the park:

      1. Santa’s Front Entrance.  Possibly tied as one of the most photographed “selfie” backdrops in the park. It’s the photo that lets everyone know that you’ve arrived  (or “checked in”) at Santa’s Enchanted Forest!
      2. The canopy of lights as you enter the park.  – Between a huge inflatable Santa and the start of what will be literally millions of lights, the clicking begins!
      3. The holiday displays of Santa Claus Lane. Dozens of holiday displays adorn the 1/4 mile walkway waiting to be part of your next insta share.
      4. Surfin’ Santa.  Hang 10 with Santa. It’s always a cool shot.
      5. Santa on his fishing boat. Of course, Santa takes a fishing break every now and then when he’s in Miami and not delivering gifts. At least we imagine he is. Where else can you get this photo op?
      6. Jet Skiing Santa and the Grinch.  Feeling Naughty? or Nice? Choose who you’ll drive with?
      7. Snowy, the 12 ft Polar Bear.  We’re talking Real Cool!
        Family Photo Fun
      8. The Snow-Couple Bench. Need a quick break? Have a seat with Mr. and Mrs. Snowman and take a cute shot with the little ones.
      9. Interactive Gingerbread and Frosty Statues. Kids (and adults) will want to hide behind these statues revealing only their heads to look like a real-life gingerbread or snow person. And if you have a friend or family member that wants to pose with you, try some of the holiday duo cutout scenes. Then two of you can look like elves, leprechauns or butterflies together!
      10. Santa’s SpaceshipWe know you’re used to reindeers and sleighs but this is the 21st Century.  Santa has the latest technology and now making more deliveries with a spaceship.  Check out Santa’s Spaceship while it is parked at SEF this season.
      11. Snow Wars Cutouts.  First came Star Wars, next came Snow Wars.  You’ll know it when you see it.
      12. The kids Sending Their Letters to Santa.   Oh, the Cuteness!!! Capture the moment when your child drops their note into that huge mailbox and it will be a treasured memory for years to come.
        Letters to Santa
      13. South Florida’s Largest Christmas Tree.  Warning: you may wear out your snapping finger taking pics of all of the lights on our iconic 90-foot musical Christmas tree. It’s just so hard to stop.
      14. Santa’s Peppermint Christmas Tree. SEF has multiple Christmas trees arranged just right so you can shoot the perfect family or group photo. This tree is a huge fan favorite.
      15. Cuddles, the 12 ft Teddy Bear. Just try walking by him and not stopping for a photo. He’s so sweet!
      16. Santa’s Gift Box. Want to send your grandparents the perfect gift? Look no further. Step in and strike a pose.
      17. Dancing the Salsa with Santa. Yes, Santa salsas!!! See for yourself.  And where else in the world will you see this?
      18. Mistletoe Lane.  We’ve got “THE PERFECT SPOT” to capture that special feeling with that special person in your life. And it’s even been the scene of a few engagement photos. Great too for beautiful family pix under the twinkling lights of the gazebo.
      19. On the rides – While spinning on the Frisbee or whirling around on the Crazy Mouse, have a friend on the ground snap some pix of your reactions. Or grab a selfie of your post-Mega Drop hairstyle!
      20. The carnival scene.  Who doesn’t love posting a pic at the carnival? Especially in front of the Largest Traveling Ferris Wheel in North America. Everywhere you look, there’s another attraction to choose from for a cool background.
      21. Indulging in fantastic foods.  This could be the winner or a close runner-up for the most shared SEF photos! Seriously, the food at Santa’s is an endless buffet of the coolest, sweetest and most delicious indulgences. You’ll want everyone to see you as you blow smoke from the dragon’s breath ice cream balls or as you take a King size bite from an enormous Turkey Leg. Oh and the look on your face, when you get that first taste of Santa’s “Fried” Oreos. We could go on here for hours but you get the point.
      22. Playing carnival games.  What face do you make when concentrating on the winning shot? Or when trying to dunk that insulting clown. Your friends will be happy to show you.
      23. The Skills of the Big Air team.  Save a memory from one of the thrilling live shows you saw.  Then pull it out later to show and tell your friends about your night out.
      24. The Sky High Ferris Wheel.  (Worth mentioning again). Back this year for some of the BEST night time photos we’ve ever seen! Just search for it on Social Media and you’ll be amazed.
      25. And of course, … photos with Santa Claus himself!!
        Santa Meet and Greet

Honestly, it’s hard to narrow down our list to just 25, but it’s a start! There’s so much more, not to mention surprise visitors throughout the season – did you get your photo with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear? Or spot a celebrity and ask for a selfie? How many on our list can you do in one night? What did we miss? Don’t forget to share your favorites – tag us with #santasenchantedforest and #sefmemories!

Click here to view the full SEF Photo Op Gallery.

Santa’s Enchanted Forest, 7900 SW 40th St., Miami; Open 5 pm-Midnight daily, from November 1, 2018 – January 6, 2019, including holidays.