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36 Ways to Enjoy Santa’s This Season!

SANTA’S 36TH SEASON IS JUST AHEAD! The most enchanted holiday spot in South Florida is on its way back for its 36th Season and we’ve got 36 reasons you won’t want to miss it.
36 Ways to Enjoy Santa's

  1. Soak in the Christmas spirit. Can’t wait to experience the joy of the holiday season? Head for Santa’s Enchanted Forest, opening on November 1 with 67 non-stop nights of holiday enchantment.
  2. Bring the entire family. Rides. A festive atmosphere. Interactive fun. Delicious food. There’s something for kids, teens, and adults at Santa’s Enchanted Forest.
  3. Listen to holiday music. Santa’s will give you plenty of ideas for your own November/December playlist.
  4. Witness a spectacular light show. Santa’s is home to South Florida’s largest Christmas tree light show. With new lights and music added annually, it’s always a marvel to behold. Catch up to 6 different light shows per hour.
  5. Plan a photo shoot for this year’s holiday card. All those lights and that gorgeous tree can provide a festive scene for your family picture.
    Santa Bear
  6. Enjoy a little romance. Stroll down Mistletoe Lane hand in hand. Pop the question if you’d like. Share your story with us or check out our social media post with last year’s adorable engagement proposal!
  7. Snapchat the night away. Snap lovers rejoice! Santa’s has fun new snap lenses to share.
  8. Marvel at the sight of the World’s Largest Traveling Ferris Wheel. Back for the second year, not only is it amazing for getting a bird’s eye view of the park, but it also makes a great backdrop for your insta post.
  9. Bounce. There’s an inflatable playground! Plus water balls and a children’s maze. We dare you not to have fun!
  10. Prepare to be amazed. New to Santa’s line up of incredible shows is the Team BIG AIR Basketball Show. Acrobatic slam dunks, tons of energy and a little comedy thrown in will have you cheering for an encore!
    Team Big Air
  11. Ask, “How do they do that?” From the magic show and Cirque Equinox delight to the death-defying Motorcycle Globe of Death and Freestyle BMX thriller, seeing is believing.
  12. Make the kids happy. Roller coasters just their size. Face painting. A merry-go-round. The wacky fun house and magic mirrors. Is there really any better sound than the laughter of children?
  13. Satisfy your sweet tooth. Fried Oreos, people! Not to mention candy apples and chocolate.
  14. Indulge in your carnival favorites. We’re talking mini donuts and elephant ears. It would be a shame to miss out.
  15. Breathe in mouth-watering aromas. Santa’s turkey legs, roasted corn, gyros, arepas, and fajitas. There are so many flavors that all smell delicious.
    Mouthwatering Aromas
  16. Bring your appetite. Smelling all that food is certainly great, but tasting it … so much better!
  17. Quench your thirst. Grab a cup of lemonade. It’s the good stuff any time of year.
  18. Treat your palate to a new experience. Foodies delight in the thought of dragon’s breath. Find out what that is at Santa’s!
  19. Win some awesome prizes. Play the carnival games – balloon dart, water gun races, speed pitch, and ring toss, to name a few.
  20. Insult that darn clown. Go for it. Then dunk him while you’re at it.
  21. Write letters to Santa. We’ve got a mailbox with a direct route to the North Pole.Letters to Santa
  22. Bask in the mild temperatures. While friends and family up north begin prepping for frigid weather, come outside and make fantastic memories without having to bundle up.
  23. Challenge yourself. How long can you stay on the mechanical bull? How high can you climb? Find out at Santa’s!
  24. Meet Santa. You’re never too old to share your wish list with Santa. Plus, everyone needs a photo with the man in the red suit. We’ve got you covered.
  25. Rack up some steps. Grab your fitness gadget and head to the park. If you need to meet your goals for the day or week, you can definitely get a few thousand steps moving through the holiday displays and rides without even thinking about it.
  26. Raise your heart rate. Enjoy that feeling in your stomach when you ride the roller coasters? We’ve got just the thing for you – Crazy Mouse, Wild Cat, Windstorm and the RC 48. It’s okay if you need to scream!
  27. Experience new thrills. It’s not just roller coasters. The mega drop will take your breath away, and the Gravitron, Himalaya, and Inversion 360 require a bit of nerve as well.
  28. Sing karaoke. You’ve always wanted to try. We’ll cheer you on! Frozen fans this is for you!
  29. Surf with Santa. Or hang out on a jet ski with the Grinch. You may even catch Santa on a fishing boat. More great photo opportunities for social media and scrapbooks.
  30. Play paintball with its own holiday twist. Did you ever want to rid the holidays of Scrooge? Well, here’s your chance at it. Just another option for brilliant memories on any given evening.
  31. Be adventurous. Bungee jump. Take a turn on the Mechanical Bull or be truly bold and find out exactly what the Extreme Ejectors Seat has in store for you.
  32. Buy a memento. There’s even shopping! Check off folks on your Christmas list, or better yet, pick up a treat for yourself.
  33. Take advantage of Santa’s express pass. Skip to the front of the lines on all your favorite rides with this ticket add-on. You’ll be able to do even more in one night!
  34. Purchase a season pass. If you want unlimited family fun where everybody’s happy, get a season pass! Then you’ll have the entire season to conquer this list and even make your own! Share the ways you enjoy Santa’s this season and year’s past – we may even include it in future blogs!
  35. Sing the theme song and have everyone sing along. Create your own flash mob or social media craze with the Santa’s Enchanted Forest earworm. We’ll get it started for you … “Come to see the lights at the wonderful …”
    Santa's Swiings
  36. Relax and have an amazing time! We’ve been doing this for 36 years and we’re always working to bring new thrills and excitement to every guest. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or are checking out the park for the first time, just have fun!

Santa’s Enchanted Forest, 7900 SW 40th St., Miami; Open 5 pm-Midnight daily, from November 1, 2018 – January 6, 2019, including holidays.