Enter to Win Santa's Ticket Giveaway


SIGN UP HERE to Win Tickets to Santa's during the 2022 season.


Santa's will choose and announce winners weekly for 7 weeks.
The giveaway runs from November 9 - December 26, 2022.


TO ENTER, follow these three steps:
1.  Log in below using your email address or Facebook account.
2. Once logged in, complete the first task of accepting the giveaway terms and conditions.
3. Then follow the directions to optimize your eligible entries for more chances to win.
All winning entries will be verified for completion.

*A list of contest winners will be posted and updated here Winners will be emailed instructions on how to claim their prize.

Congratulations to our Week 1 Giveaway Winners:

Raul P.

Tera H.

Jessica C.

Ashley B.

Jennifer R.

Congratulations to our Week 2 Giveaway Winners:

Jancarlos P.

Selena E.

Giselle P.

Juan M.

Frances F.

Congratulations to our Week 3 Giveaway Winners:

Fernando F.

Jim G.

Amanda B.

Lynn C.

Serena S.

Congratulations to our Week 4 Giveaway Winners:

Michelle W.

Victoria D.

Nicolas M.

Justin F.

Michelle P.

Congratulations to our Week 5 Giveaway Winners:

Nathalia C.

Alizo B.

Jessica L.

Albert A.

Michelle M.

 Congratulations to our Week 6 Giveaway Winners:

Leilanie B.

Lanvermer P.

Jareth S.

Lili G.

Crystal C.


Congratulations to our Week 7 Giveaway Winners:

Kelly H.

Myaih B.

Liliana F.

Patience C.

Pamela S.

 Aliki V.

Brian M.

Breanna A.

Melitza M.

Santa's Enchanted Forest Event Dates: November 9, 2022 - January 8, 2023.