The following terms and conditions apply to all Santa’s Enchanted Forest (also referred to as "SEF") Season Passes or "SEF Passes", purchased on or after October 1, 2023.

By purchasing or redeeming a Season Pass you are deemed to have accepted and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use. SEF Passholders are also subject to all Santa’s Enchanted Forest’s Park Policies applicable to all ticket types detailed here.

SEASON PASS VALID UNTIL DATES: Generally, a Season Pass is valid from the time it is purchased until the end of the event season during which it was purchased (e.g., a Season Pass purchased in November 2023 will be valid until January 7, 2024). Depending on applicable promotions available when a Season Passes is purchased, certain Season Passes may have blackout dates. Notwithstanding, All Season Passes purchased in 2023 expire on January 7, 2024, when the event closes for the season.

ADMISSION CONDITIONS: Season Passholders must retain their Season Pass Card and present it for admission on all visits. This can be done with the actual Season Pass Card, Season Pass Digital ID (from the SEF Mobile App), or a clear photo of the Season Pass Card and its pass number. Failure to do so will forfeit all rights of readmission. Season pass Identity verification is solely determined by management.

If you lose your card or do not have it with you, please proceed to Guest Services for further assistance.

For security purposes, Season Passholders are entitled to only one entry per day.

Once the Season Passholder is admitted to the event and the Season Pass card is scanned, readmission will not be allowed until the next day. If the Season Passholder must leave for any reason and wish to return the same night, they should see a manager at the front gate before exiting for further instructions.

All operating dates and hours are subject to change without notice. All rides and attractions are subject to closings and cancellations due to weather or other conditions.

SEF IDENTIFICATION CARDS: Each Season Passholder will be provided with a Photo Identification Card (“SEF Pass ID”) which is used to authenticate each Season Passholder and ascertain their eligibility for admission, benefits, and other services. Season Passholders must bring their SEF Pass ID card with them whenever they visit SEF and must be willing to present it to park personnel when asked. SEF Pass IDs are non-transferable and may only be used by the specific individual to whom the ID was assigned. Any attempt to gain admission to the event using a SEF Pass ID by a guest to whom the Pass was not originally issued will result in immediate confiscation of the pass without refund. SEF Pass IDs are the property of SEF and must be surrendered to SEF upon request. SEF Pass IDs may not be used for commercial purposes and are void if altered or misused.

A SEF Pass is non-transferable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and not valid for cash. Unauthorized resale is prohibited.

PHOTO IDENTIFICATION CARDS: Season Passholders are required to obtain Photo Identification Cards. Passholder photos are automatically destroyed within one year following the cancellation/expiration of a Passholder’s account.

REPLACEMENT SEF PASS IDs: If a SEF Pass is lost, stolen, or forgotten, the ID card can be replaced for a non-refundable replacement fee, or a regular park admission ticket may be purchased at full gate price.

See Guest Services at the front of the park for assistance. If passholder has a picture of their Season Pass bar code and passholder identity can be confirmed with a pass photo and a valid form of identification, then a new card may be reissued for an administrative replacement fee of $3.00.

If passholder does not have a picture of their season pass bar code then the passholder may bring a receipt of their online ticket purchase as a reference along with photo Identification to help us locate the passholder within our system.

If the customer did not purchase a Season Pass ticket online in advance, the passholder will need to provide the personal information given when the Season Pass card was issued. If the Season Pass can be found in the SEF Season Pass system and positive identification with the Season Passholder’s picture and Identification can be made, SEF Management will issue a new pass for an administrative fee of $3.00. If a Season Pass card cannot be found or a positive identification cannot be made, then season pass admission will be denied. Season Pass Identity verification is solely determined by management.


PASS REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT: Each SEF Passholder is responsible for registering their SEF Pass by providing their true first name and last name; a valid contact number; and a contact email address (if they have one). In the event that the Passholder is under the age of 13 then the parent should provide their own contact email address and not an address for the child.

SEF is entitled to use the Passholder’s registration and purchase details, including without limitation first name and last name, telephone number, email address and items purchased and cost of each item, to contact them in relation to service information, including, but not being limited to, information about changes to these Terms and Conditions of use. SEF may also use the Passholder’s registration and purchase details to contact them with information and special offers from or about SEF Attractions.

COMMUNICATIONS: As a member of the SEF Passholder program, a Passholder will be eligible to receive periodic mailers and newsletters and other communications about SEF products and services, including information about events, products, opportunities, services, and special offers/discounts available to Passholders. These communications may be sent by email or SMS/text message, based on the contact information provided to SEF.

Passholders may choose not to receive these communications by clicking user preferences in SEF’s newsletter communications. Please be aware that if you do not allow SEF to send you certain communications, we may not be able to deliver information to you about special Passholder events and opportunities, or about products and services that may take into account your interests and preferences.


A SEF Pass is a revocable license and may be confiscated with no refund of the purchase price.

VIOLATION OF PARK RULES: Violation of park rules (noted herein and/or as stated in our park policies) will result in expulsion. Conduct that is disorderly, disruptive, or in poor taste is prohibited. Clothing with inappropriate/offensive words, phrases, or graphics is prohibited.

PASS SHARING: SEF Season Passes are non-transferable and cannot be sold, loaned, or given away to be used by a third party. Any use of a SEF Pass in breach of these terms and conditions or the relevant SEF Attraction regulations will result in the SEF Pass being revoked without compensation. For the avoidance of doubt, pass sharing is a breach of these terms and conditions, and any attempted use of a SEF Season Pass by someone other than the photographed Passholder, regardless of reason, will result in the SEF Pass being revoked without compensation to the Passholder.

SUSPENSION: If a Passholder is suspected of violating any of these terms or any other rules, regulations, or policies of the SEF Attraction, SEF may suspend its SEF pass in its sole discretion.

CANCELLATION OR REVOCATION: SEF Passes provide the Passholder with revocable privileges which may be suspended, canceled, or revoked by SEF at any time without notice or refund. The Passholder may also be removed from the park for any misuse, failure to abide by applicable terms and conditions, or conduct detrimental to the park, including theft of property or services, violation of Federal, State, and Local laws, assisting any person to obtain unauthorized entry, violation of park rules, safety procedures, vandalism, disorderly conduct, intoxication, and possession of intoxicating liquors, drugs or weapons. Cancellation or revocation of the SEF Pass ID will result in automatic cancellation, suspension, or revocation of the SEF Season Pass.

A SEF Pass that is discovered to have been purchased through illegal methods will be revoked without compensation.

PRICING: SEF is entitled, in its absolute discretion, to change the price payable for its Season Passes at any time and for any reason and may from time to time offer pricing or promotional offers at the ticket box, online, or through third-party channels.

REFUNDS: Refunds are not available in any circumstances. This does not affect any statutory rights as a consumer.


SEASON PASS TICKET QUESTIONS: All questions regarding your online Season Pass Ticket purchase should be made by completing a Customer Support Ticket accessible here.

This is the only means of addressing ticketing matters and no other method of contact can guarantee delivery to or a response by our ticketing department. A record of your support ticket will be included in your online ticket order. Phone support is not available at this time.

SEASON PASS MOBILE APP QUESTIONS: For help with SEF’s Season Pass Mobile App, email or visit the Season Pass Customer Service Shed at the event site located next to the front entrance.


Updated September 2023